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18-20D 0.03 Handmade Volume Loose Fans

Discover the epitome of craftsmanship with our hand crafted 20D fans. Our commitment to uncompromising quality shines through in every fan, as we use the highest-grade fibers and skilled artisans. Whether you desire a fluffy appearance or a dark volume, these fans offer a spectrum of possibilities.

Providing you with reliable supplies is our paramount concern. Unmatched in quality, these fans transcend standards, propelling your artistry to new heights. 

Indulge in each tray containing 500-600 meticulously creates fans, giving you astonishing value of $0.06 - $0.09 AUD per fan. Crafted from the highest quality custom Synthetic Faux Mink fibers,

Sale price$35.00 USD
18-20D 0.03 Handmade Volume Loose Fans
18-20D 0.03 Handmade Volume Loose Fans Sale price$35.00 USD