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Pre-treatment Primer

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I've been waiting a while to bring you this one!

Using THIS primer is LIFE CHANGING - and is NOT alcohol based.

  • Your glue grabs quicker
  • You get to see that magnetic adhesion
  • All of this saves you time 
  • Results in a tighter bond = longer retention.

Primer well, primes the natural lash to become the optimum surface for the lash adhesive.

This is important because we NEED the surface of the natural lash to be ALKALINE for best adhesion.

Issues this primer will likely solve for you:

  • Lashes popping off when you brush through them
  • Stickies (it takes more than a fast acting glue to actually speed up curing)

Side note: stickies were a huge problem for me in the past and this primer literally helped me solve that issue instantly.

  • Helps remove oils from the natural lash


  1. Okay so first shake it
  2. Dispense 1-2 drops onto your lipstick applicator
  3. Apply to natural lashes, focussing on where the glue will actually be bonding with the natural lash


Avoid using in high humidity - it may cause shock curing

Avoid direct contact with eyes. If product gets into the eye, rinse with clean water and encourage client to seek medical advice.

For external use only

Keep out of reach of children

Store away from direct sunlight

Sale price$34.00 USD
Pre-treatment Primer
Pre-treatment Primer Sale price$34.00 USD