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Current Ambassadors

We only take on a limited amount of ambassadors who really align with our brand, so we love to have our ambassadors on display! Please go ahead and follow/support them AND check out their awesome work with Melbourne Lash and Co products. 


What do you love most about being a lash artist?
What I love most is seeing the clients reaction after their fresh set of lashes, seeing the confidence shine through and the happiness lashes bring to their life! That is what keeps me going!

What's your favourite trend in the lash industry?
My favourite trend would have to be a mega volume look, thick dark lashes! Its what I love and the first ever set I got when I started getting lashes and I've loved that look ever since.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in the lash industry?
In 5 years I see myself going down the route of training and educating. It would be a dream to have people come train with me in a shop front salon and having a few other lash artists work with me!

What drew you to Melbourne Lash & Co, and what makes you stay?
I first came across Melbourne Lash and Co when I wanted to start using promades, the quality of the lashes and sets being produced with the products is what I wanted from my sets, so I had to try and I fell in love with the outcome of my sets, the retention my clients where having improved so much and the glue cut down my working time so it was a win win for me! I haven't had the need to look around elsewhere for products. You will love them to!