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Troubleshooting 101

Our adhesives are easy to use and versatile however they can be a little finnicky based on how we prepare our clients lashes and our environments.

If my products aren't working for you, I would rather educate to prevent issues and figure out WHY you're having issues - I don't want to blame you then leave you in the dark. 

So here are some handy little tips to help you get the best out of your little bottle!

TIP 1: ALWAYS cleanse your clients lashes before application (use our PH balanced lash shampoo to create an surface that is as alkaline as possible - super important!) 

TIP 2: Burp the adhesive after each drop and lightly dab excess glue away.

TIP 3: Primer is not designed to be used on every client - it affects the PH of the natural lashes so use it only when needed! (more on this in my E-Book 'Retention Secrets That No One Talks About')

TIP 4: Open a new bottle of adhesive every 4-6 weeks - our affordable prices make this doable without breaking the bank! You will notice a difference straight away between your old and new bottle of glue/

TIP 5: Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity - this will allow the adhesive to cure in the advertised time and prevent stickies (note: the more humid your environment is, the faster the adhesive will cure)

Now, for the question most asked in our DM's!

The extensions are not sticking to the clients lashes
There are 2 fixes for this
1. Lashes are popping off as you brush through the set, during the appointment
The adhesive is curing too quickly in your environment and it's best to switch to Slow it Down

2. The extensions are taking too long to bond with the clients natural lashes
This can cause stickies and general annoyance and irritation for you. Increase the humidity in the room or use a primer to increase the curing time of the adhesive. 


- Use the orange pin in the packaging to piece the nozzle of the bottle 
-  An unopened bottle can be stored for up to 6 months, it is best to replace an opened bottle of adhesive after 4-6 weeks.
- Our adhesives do not need to be stored in the fridge (please never store opened bottles in the fridge or freeze opened/unopened bottles).

 If you experience any issues with the adhesive (that you can't solve), please shoot me an email at

Now go ahead and enjoy your adhesive!