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Article: 10 Winning Strategies to Build and Retain Your Clientele

strategies to build and retain your clientele

10 Winning Strategies to Build and Retain Your Clientele

If you want to succeed as a lash artist, you need to know how to build your clientele. 

And the key to building a hefty client list is to have a sound strategy. 

In this blog, we’ll cover how to build lash clientele lists and why each specific strategy is invaluable towards your goals.


#1 – Shout it out to the world!

The most basic strategy is to tell people what you’re doing. 

Inform your family, friends, and closest circle about your services, the rates you're charging, and when they can schedule an appointment with you.

Even if you only have a desire to begin, you'll be surprised at how many people in your immediate network are interested.

And they will serve as the foundation for your client lists.


#2 – Ask them to spread the word.

Provided you do a great job, others will notice the new lash extension your friends, family, and co-workers are sporting. 

Choose those with the largest social networks and offer them free lash work in exchange for sharing your work (and details) with their family, friends, coworkers, and others. 


#3 – Create your own referral program.

Naturally, you don't want to be giving everyone free work. 

So, it’s best to create a program if you want to reward them for promoting your lash business. 

Something to the effect of them receiving an xx% discount off their next lash appointment for every friend who successfully books! To create a sense of urgency, make it time-limited, too!


#4 – Be on social media.

social media

One of the best ways to build your clientele as a lash tech is to create a social media following. 

And how do lash techs get new clients? By showing off their best works on Facebook and Instagram.

Just make sure you're using high-quality images and show off your work in the best possible light. 

For the captions, look into popular hashtags in your area and use them.


#5 – Build connections with others in your field.

How do you get lash clients FAST? 

Network with other beauty specialists like brow artists, nail techs, and the like. 

Because there is no competition, they will not hesitate to share their client lists with you.

Just make sure there's tit for tat and share who your clients are.

Additionally, you can promote their work at your shop in exchange for them doing the same.


#6 – Encourage habits.

Of course, you also want to make sure you’re keeping the clients you already have. 

And the most effective way to accomplish this is by instilling habits in them.

For example, encourage them to book in advance before the end of their current appointment.

It's one of the most basic yet effective customer retention strategies you can bank on.

 #7 – Get high tech.

Do you want to be a master of retaining clients?

Then, simply make everything easier for them! 

If you can create an online booking system, it will be even easier. 

You see, it can be difficult to book over the phone, especially when you're very busy. So an online booking system is the next best thing. 

Just make sure to test the system thoroughly to ensure that it functions properly.

#8 – Loyalty programs are the best.

What is customer retention if you don't keep your customers happy?

What exactly makes customers happy? Freebies!

Most loyalty programs usually work along the lines of one free service for any number of paid appointments.

This strategy incentivises customers to remain loyal to you and for scheduling appointments.

#9 – Personalise the experience.

personalised experience

It's very common for clients to be open to their lash techs as it's a great way to pass the time while work is being done. 

So it's best to note what your clients are sharing with you. 

If they've shared something exciting and happy with you, there's nothing wrong with following up when the next appointment comes around. This gives clients the impression that they are important to you.  

However, if your client is having a bad day, try to empathise with them and offer advice only if they specifically request it.


#10 – Smile!

Many lash techs forget this simple little thing. Remember, no one wants to work with a negative Nancy.
And there you have it!  

These 10 winning strategies are how you build and retain your clientele. If you stick to these, growing and retaining your clientele will be a breeze.

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