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Article: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Professional Lash Artist

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Professional Lash Artist

Whether it’s your passion or you really want to be a part of a growing, multi-billion-dollar industry…

There’s no denying that becoming a lash artist is a lucrative career path to embark on. 

This is especially true now, given how obsessed people are with how they look.
And while great lash training is the inevitable jump-off point…

Here are some things you should know and what I wish I had known before starting out as a lash artist.

You see, it isn't all glitz and glamour – and being aware of these minor details, which are frequently discovered through first-hand experience, will go a long way towards a fruitful career.

And by the way, a great way to learn about the challenges you'll face and how to overcome them is to speak with other experienced lash artists.

So, without further ado…
Here are the top 5 things I wish I knew before becoming a lash artist…

1. PLEASE… Invest in your training

The very best lash courses with the best lash educators aren’t going to be cheap—and you don’t want it that way anyway. 

It’s because great lash courses will teach you everything you need to know beyond the artistry itself. 

You can count on learning about key hygienic practices, proper ways to check for allergic reactions, and even how to market yourself as a lash artist!

Better yet, some of these best courses even come with their own beginner kits which allows you to practice more even after the training is completed.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should just splurge when you can’t afford to. Simply that you shouldn’t be too cheap either if you want to get the very best. 

The key to finding a happy balance is to do your research. 

Find a reputable training provider who will ensure that you receive the best training and experience possible.

2. You need a LOT of patience

lash artist's patience

Lash extension application can be quite tricky and calling it an “art” is not a cliché.

It takes time to master this art and also lots of patience to do it well every single time.

And one aspect of becoming a lash artist that may surprise you is how physically demanding it is.

You need keen eyes, steady hands, and great coordination.

Now, unless you’re very lucky, the first few sets of lashes aren’t going to turn out well at all.

But with consistent practice, you will get better and faster.
So, if you’re the type that likes mastering a skill, then this is definitely for you.

3. You have to build your network

When becoming a lash artist, you will not just be an artist but also a business owner. 

So, you will need to learn how to promote yourself and find clients who trust your work enough to come back and refer their friends/family members. 

Now, a great place to start your network is where you first learned to be a lash artist. 

You see, your experienced teachers have most likely worked in the industry for a long time and can help provide you with leads to get started.

Another great network to build up? 

Your clients! 

They say that the most successful lash artists are those who are outgoing and personable. 

Listen, you don’t have to be the most sociable person out there…
But there’s nothing wrong with being a listening ear to your clients. 

Look, many clients regard their visits to beauty providers like yourself as a sort of therapy...

And you lose nothing by giving them that—plus, you will likely get a lot of referrals out of the deal.

Now, keep in mind that having a network of people who believe in you as an artist is vital for your success in this business.

4. You won’t earn right away

lash artists will not earn right away

When it comes to earning, you have to be realistic, as well.

Most especially if you just started out doing lashes for others.

Keep in mind that the first few months might be a bit challenging until you build your portfolio and increase your number of clients. 

And it takes time and effort to build up a clientele and reputation. 

After all, it’s a skill-based profession so you only get better over time. 

So, do you want to know how to improve your lash extension application skills?
Look, it helps to give free service to your closest friends and family. 

Not only do you get to practice and hone your craft, the lack of payment actually takes the pressure off you. It also psychologically makes most people less demanding.

So, focus your early efforts on making connections and building a network. 
On top of that, build up a reputation for quality work. 

Now, if working for a bigger salon is more your thing—go for it. 
Of course, it’s the same situation. 

You’re just starting out so don’t expect to roll in the big bucks just yet. 

Either way it's just okay! 

Just keep at it and you’ll eventually make it.

5. You have to aim for perfection

In relation to the last point, your goal with every job you take on and every practice you start should be perfection. 

Sure, you might not easily achieve it, but if you work towards a higher goal, you'll get close. 

At the very least, you should be a master of several distinct and popular styles if you want people to keep coming back—and referring you to their friends. 

Furthermore, make lash artistry a life-long learning experience, especially as newer styles become more popular.

If you can possibly afford advanced lash training, that’s the best way to go. 
But if not, there are several resources available online that you can refer to. 

Bear in mind that the better you become, the more clients you'll have and the more you'll earn!

BONUS #1: You won’t please everybody

Lastly, you have to know that—no matter how good you get, no matter how many customers love you—you aren’t going to please everybody. 

Every so often, there will be someone somewhere at some time who really won’t like you or be happy with your work. 

The trick is not to work to please them—it won’t matter—but to make sure you’re doing everything right.

That way, they can’t say anything about your professionalism, at least.

One more thing, make sure that you keep your work meticulously clean. 

You see, while there’s nothing invasive about lash work, there can be health problems if you’re not meticulously clean. 

For one, infections can happen. For another, you can also risk triggering allergies if a spot test isn’t a part of your overall routine. 

Now, if you do all of that and your client still doesn’t like you—that’s alright. 

You can move on to other clients so long as you are, again, a consummate professional.

BONUS #2: You can have your own practice while working for a big salon

We’re putting this in last because a lot depends on the contract you may have to sign with a salon that you work for.

If there’s a risk of you losing your work and source of income—best hold off. If not, and you’re free to pursue your own practice—do so.

Another option is to work from out of your home and just visit your clients. 

Leverage social media to get yourself out there and find more and more clients to work with. 

If they’re happy with what you do, ask for referrals for more work.

In Conclusion

All in all, lash artistry is a passion that can be very deeply fulfilling as well as financially rewarding. 

So, if it’s your dream and your passion, go for it. 

You see, what I shared with you here are merely realities—some of them pretty tough—that you’re going to face once you’re finished with your lash training. 

That’s why it’s important that you prepare yourself and be smart so your career jumps off on the right foot. 

Sure, you might not face all these things yourself, but the key is to simply be prepared for any eventuality to make your starting journey flow more smoothly.

Now, if you’re looking for a lash course that teaches you more than just the lashing, then feel free to check out the courses that we have for you.

Now, if you have any lash-related questions, drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

‘Til our next blog! 

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