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CLEARANCE Wispy Promades (9D/5D)

*These lashes are gorgeous however the end of the spike is joined together with a little bit of liquid. I found that when I applied these and then went to brush the set, the wispy promades would come off. The solution is to brush the fan BEFORE you apply it (see the video attached)

Introducing the wispy promade ...

The Melbourne Lash and Co Wispy Promades are correctly weighted, handmade and will get you KICKED STARTED on your wispy journey. 

Our Promade Wispy fans have a spike attached that is roughly 2-3mm longer than the length you purchase. With a choice of 5D and 9D, you will be able to get creative with different densities in your volume sets.

Comes in trays of 500.

Sale price$14.00 USD Regular price$17.00 USD
CLEARANCE Wispy Promades (9D/5D)
CLEARANCE Wispy Promades (9D/5D) Sale price$14.00 USD Regular price$17.00 USD