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Speedy/Rapid Promade Fans

Rapid Promade Fans are finally a part of the Melbourne Lash and Co family. 

In case you have never heard of Rapid promades before these babies are the ultimate time saver. The promades come on strips in the tray, unlike regular promades which all fans are individually loose within the box that you then spend your time separating them. This is totally fine if you have the time to do so however if you are a busy lash artist like Shaniya then you definitely do not have those minutes to spare and you would much rather use them to really fill up your client's sets than use it grabbing and separating fans that have attached together, we know that pain is real!

So here’s why you will never go back after using these babies:

  • Each fan is correctly weighted so they will not damage your client's natural lashes
  • Carefully placed on a strip for convenience
  • No more picking 1000 fans off the floor when you drop your tray
  • 1000 fans in each tray. Yes, fans for days we promise!
  • Aids in Lash Map planning with helpful and easily movable strips

All you need to do is easily apply the strip to a silicone pad and off you go!

P.S please leave a note in your order if you need a silicone pad to apply these lashes too, this will be provided free of charge in your order.

Sale price$19.00 USD
Speedy/Rapid Promade Fans
Speedy/Rapid Promade Fans Sale price$19.00 USD