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Realistic, Layered Lash Mannequin - Marina

Working with mannequins available in the current market poses significant challenges (as we all know), failing to helpfully replicate the real lash line. 

Lash educators have observed their students struggling to transition from mannequins to real-life models. Although students may excel on mannequins, they often falter when faced with the complexity of a real lash line. Consequently, many mannequins end up unused and discarded.

To address these issues, Lashology has developed a realistic practice mannequin. Unlike traditional mannequins, these specialized models feature three layers of lashes. This design allows not only new lash artists to enhance their speed and skills but also seasoned professionals to experiment with new techniques and showcase their artistry without needing to find clients to practice on

When the set is completed, the lashes can be easily removed with a remover, providing a fresh base for the next practice session.

Whether you're a new lash artist striving to improve your proficiency, a seasoned professional aiming to create captivating lash set content, or a dedicated lash educator seeking to provide students with effective tools, our realistic practice mannequin is the ideal solution for your needs.

Sale price$82.00 USD
Realistic, Layered Lash Mannequin - Marina
Realistic, Layered Lash Mannequin - Marina Sale price$82.00 USD