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Our superbonder is


Our new and improved innovative formula is going to take the industry by storm. Get ready for the most elite superbonder you've ever tried.


Lashology Superbonder - the secret weapon to achieving longer-lasting lash retention. Your reputation as a lash artist relies on the retention of your work, and our specially formulated superbonder is here to ensure exceptional results.

What sets our Superbonder apart is its industry-leading formula, making it the first of its kind. We spare no expense when it comes to sourcing the highest quality ingredients, guaranteeing a stable, effective, and consistent product.

Our Superbonder works by curing the Cyanoacrylate bond from the inside out, effectively pushing hydrogen out of the bond. While this might be new information to many, it's essential to understand its importance to retention.


Superbonder Sale price$48.00 USD