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Classic Trays (0.12/0.15)

In an industry that is constantly evolving, we proudly present Classic Lash Trays of unmatched quality that pays homage to the roots of the lash industry. 

When it comes to classic lashes, we believe in delivering excellence in every aspect. Our lashes are meticulously crafted using our exclusive production process and highest quality materials, guaranteeing a soft and natural feel.

Say goodbye to harsh, plastic-like lashes with an unnatural blue hue. Our Classic Lash Trays offer 16 rows of lashes that are incredibly soft, with a natural appearance that seamlessly blends with your clients' own lashes.

We take great pride in creating classic lashes that strike the perfect balance. They are designed to be noticeable enough to enhance the eyes, yet soft enough to maintain a natural look.

For your convenience, we provide Classic Lash Trays in both single and mixed length options. 

Step into a world where classic sets reigns supreme, redefining excellence in the lash industry. Experience the difference with our Classic Lash Trays, where tradition meets innovation

Sale price$18.00 USD
Classic Trays (0.12/0.15)
Classic Trays (0.12/0.15) Sale price$18.00 USD