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'Striplash Spikes' Tray (0.07, 16 Rows)

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Can combine promades, classic, spikes and volume collection

Introducing our revolutionary Lashology Spikes Tray, the ultimate solution for creating wispy lash sets. As pioneers in the industry, we proudly present this exclusive product, designed to simplify your lash extension process like never before.

With meticulous attention to detail, we have carefully curated a collection of lash lengths within a single tray. Ranging from 11mm to 19mm, our hand-picked selection ensures that you have all the necessary lengths at your fingertips to effortlessly craft stunning spikes.

By investing in our Lashology Spikes Tray, you are equipping yourself with a game-changing tool that saves you time and allows you to focus on what truly matters—creating breathtaking wispy sets.

Experience the difference of our industry-first lash tray, exclusively available through Lashology. Elevate your lash extension journey today with the Lashology Spikes Tray.

Sale price$29.99 AUD
'Striplash Spikes' Tray (0.07, 16 Rows)
'Striplash Spikes' Tray (0.07, 16 Rows) Sale price$29.99 AUD

Introducing Lashology's


Volume Trays.

We've raised the bar

By listening to our community, we have crafted a product that's truly unique, setting new standards of excellence - exclusive to Lashology

Elite materials

Our custom PBT fibres, easy to fan lashes and easy to remove rows are user friendly and time saving.

Combine that with 16 rows of lashes and black, matte lashes - you have a winning combo.