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Volume Lash Trays (0.05, 16 Rows)


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Can combine promades, classic, spikes and volume collection

Introducing our cutting-edge Volume Eyelash Extension Trays, a true industry game-changer. We've raised the bar and crafted a product that's truly unique, setting new standards of excellence - exclusive to Lashology

With utmost precision and dedication, we've perfected the art of crafting lashes that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly user-friendly. Our Volume Eyelash Extension Trays feature lashes that are designed for easy pickup, seamless fanning, and effortless application.

Whether you purchase our jet black or coloured lash trays, you'll be captivated by the rich color and matte finish. We've manufactured a PBT fibre that is cruelty free, and is of the highest quality.

Our trays have been thoughtfully created to cater to lash artists with diverse fanning techniques. Regardless of your preferred method, our lashes provide versatility and adaptability and complement your artistry.

For your convenience, we offer both single-length trays for a consistent lash look and mixed trays for added depth and variety.

Join the ranks of professionals who trust in the transformative power of our products. Unleash your creativity, captivate your clients, and redefine excellence in the art of lash extensions.

Mixed Length Trays:
9mm x 1
10mm x 2
11mm x 3
12m x 4
13mm x 4
14mm x 1
15mm x 1

Sale price$18.00 USD
Volume Lash Trays (0.05, 16 Rows)
Volume Lash Trays (0.05, 16 Rows) Sale price$18.00 USD

Introducing Lashology's


Volume Trays.

We've raised the bar

By listening to our community, we have crafted a product that's truly unique, setting new standards of excellence - exclusive to Lashology

Elite materials

Our custom PBT fibres, easy to fan lashes and easy to remove rows are user friendly and time saving.

Combine that with 16 rows of lashes and black, matte lashes - you have a winning combo.